Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 goals/resolutions

I took last year off from posting my goals on the blog, and I think that as a result I slacked off more.  I actually found the draft post (that I never published) and there was only one goal on there at the time...to run a half marathon.  So technically,  I accomplished my only goal for 2013 by running my very first half marathon (22.5 weeks pregnant)! And here you can check out my 2012 goals (and results)

I decided for 2014 to have 14 resolutions/goals.  So, without further ado, here they are in no particular order:

2014 resolutions

1) project 52 - in 2012 I started out with project 52 as a goal and then expanded it to a project 365.  That was hard enough to do with two kids..I don't even want to attempt it with 3.  But with Ben being so little, I know I'll be taking lots of photos and one a week should be easy to do...

2) accomplish one house project a month - this one is in part due to the fact that I need some motivation and accountability to keep on track with the house projects (big or small) that are piling up.  It includes any project I do or participate in (but not ones that max does without my help).  For projects on the professional level, as long as I am a part of the planning/decision making process, these count.

We've already started this resolution a little early in the kitchen!  Stay tuned for more details!

3) run another half marathon - I don't think I'll do the rock and sole one again, but maybe the Tyraneena or the trail run that max did in 2013...

4) find balance, or make changes in my life to regain it - as my maternity leave is nearing its end, I'm again faced with the torn feelings of being a split mom.  This time I am feeling those feelings more acutely.  I feel like there has to be some new change on the horizon...

5) take a class, learn something new - I had this on my list in 2012, but I didn't feel like I actually accomplished it.  Max corrected me that I DID learn to crochet, so I guess he was right,  I think for 2014 I want to learn to sew...

6) give away or donate something at least once a week - I've been feeling the need to purge, and especially since we are done adding to our family it will feel good to re-home some of our baby gear.

7) take better care of my body:  drink more water, stretch more, eat less sugar!

8) have a mommy and me date once a month with each boy.

9) read a non-work related book once a month

10) play the piano at least once a week for at least 30 mins

11) volunteer at school/chaperone field trips more for both boys

12) send/give a surprise kindness package to a friend once a month

13) have a date night with husband at least once a month

14) increase monthly savings - our 10 yr anniversary is in 2015 and I'd really like to take an awesome trip somewhere!!

So, there you have it!  My 14 goals for the new year.  What are your plans?  Any goals looming on your horizons?  I'll be checking in at the end of each month to report my progress, so keep posted!

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Megan said...

What fabulous goals, Stef! I love them. You've made me think of some things I have really wanted to be working on that have slipped in the priority list. Thanks for always inspiring me. Love you!