Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas with the McLaughlins

This year, we celebrated Christmas a little early with our McLaughlin side of the family.  It was great to spend a relaxed and laid back weekend with my husband's parents on our turf.  As an added bonus, they also got to meet their newest grandson for the first time in person!

Not bad trying to get 6 people to smile and look at the same time!

Little Max and Grandma 'Chili' doing some morning art ...

The morning after our 'Christmas' with the aftermath of gifts...

Little max was very excited about his gifts. Both of these were huge hits and still played with a TON.

Especially the snap circuits.  I have a feeling the bow and arrows will get more use outside later...

So much fun was had by Ben that he passed out cold!  :)

But he sure loved getting snuggles from his Gma!

Gma and 3 of her 4 grandsons!

Last minute snuggles...

We had a great visit Gma and Gpa!  We hope you come back soon!  Xoxo

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