Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 2: House Hunting, house 1

Day 2 started with a leisurely wake up and a relaxed breakfast on the top floor of our hotel.  We then met up with our relocation agent who was basically our house tour guide for the day.

We had originally planned to view 6 homes.  Of those, 2 were off the market by the time we arrived and 1 the agent never returned the calls from our relocation agent, so our agenda only included 3 appointments.  While that was a bit disappointing at first, we were still able to look at some quality Danish houses.  All were quite nice, all with different pros and cons.

But this post focuses on House #1.

From the outside, House #1 appeared quite rundown and in need of repairs.  The agent who arrived to show the house  assured us that many repairs were on the works and that would be completed before we took over the house.

Then a train went by...then another...and another...and another.  Well, you get the idea.  Turns out House #1 was right by the main train line.  And when I say right by, I mean RIGHT BY.  There was a wall blocking the yard and house from the tracks.  I could have touched the train with a ten foot pole if I wanted to!  Now the train wasn't loud, but it was definitely there...and it goes by frequently.  It was a definite con before even seeing the house.

The outside yard was large, definitely a good party patio and yard, spacious enough for the boys to play and have fun.  There was both a front and back yard, both size able.

View from driveway/carport

The fence blocking the train.  Those wires are for the train!

Nice large patio area

Front yard of house

Inside the house was very nice.  Modern kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.  The living spaces were HUGE and with lots of windows it received fabulous natural light.  The house had lots of closet/storage space inside and the carport/garage offered additional room.

Laundry room/mud room off the kitchen and main entrance

Spacious and modern kitchen

Lots of cupboards and stainless steel appliances.

View from the kitchen.  A nice breakfast bar, table book and to the left a sitting/tv area.

This space was incredible!  Look at how big this table was and there's still lots of room.  And the angled windows added a lot of character as well.

The one bathroom offered dual sinks and a stand up shower.

Mudroom area off the second entrance

One of the kids rooms - sporting some fancy One Direction posters

Second kids room sporting some Skylanders bedding :)

I guess I didn't get a shot of the master bedroom.  It was decent sized with an entire wall of closet space.

The inside of the house was definitely nicer than we were expecting after viewing the outside.  And indoors the train was a bit more muffled.  But we still weren't sold on having a continuous interruption by the trains day and off to House #2. be continued.

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