Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 2: house hunting, house #2 - beach house

House #2 was suggested by our relocation agent.  It was a bit above our price range, but it looked to be really nice and we wanted to make sure we had plenty of options to choose from (before we knew that 2 were already rented!).  

It was a bit further out then House #1, but still near a train station - about a 5-10min bike ride to the nearest station.  It was a bit more difficult to locate, but when we caught the first glimpse of the ocean through the houses in the neighborhood we quickly forgave that!

House #2 was at the end of a street and had 2 parking spots along with a carport.

It had a good sized front yard and the backyard...well I will get to that...

Right upon entering the house we could tell it had a lot of charm.  It had a nice sized kitchen with lots of seating and space.

Beyond the kitchen was a dining/sitting area.

Beyond that was a small back room that was being used as an office but could also have been converted into a playroom or guest bedroom

As you might notice from a lot of these pictures, it seems like people here don't feel the need to tidy up or prepare for showings.  The owner of this house was still using the bathroom when we came in.  But they were a charming couple and we got along very well with them so it was forgiven :)

Back towards the kitchen I forgot to mention this splendid door.  

And back behind the kitchen was the laundry room and a larger bedroom and full bathroom (bathroom not pictured).

Beyond the sitting area was another bedroom, a mudroom, another full bathroom and a walkin closet/office space.

Up the windy staircase we went and found this view:

The upstairs had a large living area and a master bedroom off that.  The patio outside had a stunning view of the ocean and the owner showed us where we could see Sweden!

Outside the house had a good sized yard and beyond the gate was a running trail which we could easily jog to a bird sanctuary even to the beach!

We left the house feeling warm and fuzzy but a bit deflated.  The house was beautiful but just out of our price range.  We would have to go back to the hotel and do some number crunching... be continued...


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In case this isn't the house, something else more perfect for you is waiting!