Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in Review

Wow, it really seems like 2009 went by fast this year!! So many wonderful and fun things happened this year, and it was really fun to watch lil Max grow and flourish over the year.

Here is the year in review (more for my recap and memory, but I thought some of you might enjoy it too):

January - Nina was born and lil Max got his first real taste of baby jealousy, lil Max got his first haircut and started his first swim lessons, and continues to be a real treat for mom and dad.

February - we moved the blog to its current location, lil Max gives up his infamous knee-walking in exchange for actual walking, just in time for Nina's baptism, and at 15 months he was 22lbs 14 oz and 31 inches tall!

March - Our first trip to the public library, lil Max continues to hone his walking skills by starting to RUN, big Max travels to Denmark for work.

April - language starts to explode with both his signing and his talking, and of course, don't forget the infamous 'raptor noise' he used to make (I am secretly glad this has been forgotten), he had 10 teeth, loves singing, pointing out his body parts, and was transitioning from 2 naps to 1. We also took a trip to MN for Uncle Fran and Aunt Denyce's wedding reception. I also started the Couch to 5K program this month with the goal of running a 5K this year.

May - We got a wonderful visit from fellow Nov 07 mommies Melanie and Emily, Emily took photos of our family that I still swoon over, lil Max turns 18 months old: 24 lbs 9 oz, 33 inches; and Jim, Bridget and Maddie came to visit us over Mother's Day weekend.

June - Summer is here! We spend a lot of time playing outside or at the park, Max and I take a romantic vacation to Paris (well, it was a vacation for ME at least...) you can see pics here, here, here here, here, here, here or HERE.

July -- vocabulary continues to explode, now Max can say all his colors by name, loves watching NEMO, has 11 teeth, we went strawberry picking, we frequent the Birds Down Under exhibit at the zoo because lil Max LOVES seeing all the birds, and I ran my very first 5K!!!

August - Mom takes a trip to St. Louis to visit some of the other November 07 mommies, we made our annual trip to the WI State Fair and lil Max had his first cream puff, our home garden continues to be bountiful, Max turns 21 months old and some of his favorites are: the cat, being loud, Nemo, eating in general, sleeping (yah for us!!) and swimming! He also has used the potty a few times, but nothing consistent. This month we also found out we are expecting #2!!

September - We had a plethora of apples from our apple trees, so we spent most of this month making apple cakes, apple sauce or apple butter, we also announced the new addition to our family this month. Friend Melody came to visit with her family and we went to lil Max's first Brewer game!!

October - Max has become a talking machine!! He has a love for running AROUND objects and likes to order others to run with him. He can count up to 10 (sometimes 20) and knows a lot of his letters. He loves to sing. Favorite songs include: twinkle twinkle, ABCs, BINGO. We went trick or treating again this year, and lil Max was able to reuse his turtle costume from last year!!

November - lil Max speaks his first word in French "Bonjour" :), the weather was unseasonably warm so we got to do a little late fall hiking, Max turns TWO!!! He is 26 lbs 5 oz and 34.5 inches tall! Uncle Fran and Aunt Denyce also welcomed Lillian Rae this month! Yah for new cousins!

December - We had our big 20 week ultrasound this month for #2 and found out that lil Max is going to have a baby BROTHER!! :) We had our first snow storm of the year (and first snow DAY too!!) And finally, our first year celebrating Christmas at HOME! It was wonderful and I promise to upload video soon!

And finally, to recap, here is a fun slideshow of the year's events:


Amanda said...

What a great recap of the year! I'm so very excited for you and your family in 2010!!!

Megan said...

What a wonder-FULL year you have had! I think it looks like 2010 has more of the same in store for you!

mel said...

That slideshow is a great idea! And I remember so many of the photos and stories that go with them. Pop BLUE! Happy 2010 to you and yours!