Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meet Me in St. Louis....part 4

St. Louis is a great place to take a trip.  It is just the icing on the cake that I also happen to have friends that live there....  But the REAL reason that we took a trip there was to celebrate my cousin Chris's 30th birthday. 

 Chris and his wonderful wife, Laura, also happen to be Sam's godparents.  So, when Laura emailed me asking if we'd be interesting in coming down for the weekend -- she wanted to throw a SURPRISE party for Chris -- I was totally game.  And, to her credit, she managed to keep the entire party a surprise!  I don't know how often that actually even better for her!!

Check out the awesome cake she had made.  This thing is truly a work of art.  Little Max was super excited because it was also a 'football' cake (remember his 3rd birthday cake?).  He wanted "a piece of the green and a piece of the football.'  He knows what he wants, and he isn't afraid to ask for it....I'll give him that!

And, lucky for us, this old school video game happened to be in the party room.  And, he was truly entertained to just sit there and play with the steering wheel and watch the same intro over and over and over and over again....

Here's the party room before everyone started arriving...

Sam and Daddy.  Can you believe Sam is old enough to wear the "Monkey Shirt"?  The sleeves are rolled up, but his buddha belly fills it up quite nicely.  How cute are these guys??

Chris earned the honorary "Uncle of the Year" award when he won this interesting stuffed animal out of a game and gave it to Little Max.  Little Max proceeded to name it "squidy" -- presumable after Squidward on SpongeBob... Although, if you read the tag on the stuffed animal, it is supposedly some type of Ghost.  Hmmm..

As you can tell, Little Max was quite enamored with his new toy...

It was a wonderful party and so wonderful to be able to see my cousin...who I don't get to see nearly as much as I would like.

And equally as exciting to get to hang with his wife, Laura.  She is a beautiful person.  I'm so happy she married my cousin!!!

Seriously...Uncle of the Year!  Chris donned a matching frosting mustache just for Max.  How cool is he??

Side note on the balloon in the above picture.  Sam insisted that he be let down to explore the room, and he made a bee-line for another group that was sharing the room with us who were having a birthday party (complete with balloons).  I had to steer him away from their tables time after time again.  We were playing in another area of the room and he kept pointing to the ceiling and grunting.  Sure enough, I looked up there, and a lone balloon was stuck!  I freed it from the trap..and it had just enough juice left in it to make it float a little bit off the ground...and the boys were both in L.O.V.E. with it.  LOL

And second side note.  Little Max was an awesome traveller.  Especially considering he was occassionally complaining of his ear hurting.  He was still complaining the week following our trip, so I took him to urgent care and, sure enough, he had an ear infection...bordering on a double-ear infection.  Wow.  What a trooper!

Thanks again, Laura, for having such an awesome party for Chris!  And thanks, Chris, for having a birthday!  :)

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